Our fates met at the beginning of 2008 during the first journey we made together. It was in the south of Africa on an unforgettable Madagascar and continued on Reunion and Mauricius. Before that we travelled with different friends. Jirka usually in the faraway exotics while Monika, on the contrary, across Europe.

What we always had in common was the way of travelling. Our expeditions were aimed at getting to know people, natural and cultural sights but at the same time avoiding mass tourism. While travelling we realised that all we need  to survive is just couple of things,  which one can easily fit into a small backpack. And this allows us to be within a couple of hours at the world’s end. Plus you get this wonderful feeling of freedom in addition.

When we are currently not somewhere far-far-away, we roam our beautiful homeland, usually on bikes. It is the best way to get to know and take it in at its best for us.

The next backpack expedition we made together took nearly three months . It was across Indochina in winter 2008/2009. Then in April 2009 followed the biking tour of Cuba. We wanted to see it there still under the rule of Castro brothers. And we also needed to try out travelling on bikes with the full equipment, i.e. with all stuff including tent and sleeping bags. Jirka already had some experience with this type of tourism from his trips in Bohemia and also a week long trip to Denmark. For Monika it was something completely new though.

On September 5, 2009 started probably the journey of our lives – transit of South America by bikes. 255 days spent together day and night and harsh day stages of  biking just deepened our bonds and it all culminated  in our unforgettable wedding on March 12, 2010 in Buenos Aires.

Followed by a lovely honeymoon on bikes in Japan, the return on Madagascar and bike-train expedition "TransAsia" in 2011 and couple of small next trips.

The biggest milestones of our common life were dates of birth of our two children Barbora 14.11.2012 and Petr 26.1.2015.

And now? We hope many another beautiful trips.....

Monika and Jirka


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